Original, VGM, Anime remixes & related. Click the images for download.


'Gravity Distortion'
'Game Boy' Chiptune

Recorded directly from a 'Game Boy Color' running at 250 BPM. Fast kick drums, jazzy melodies and 'amen-breaks'.
Info of the release here.

'Trapped in a Vortex!'
'Game Boy' Chiptune

A hyper-energetical song made with a 'Game Boy DMG' (the old grey brick).

'alternate.dimensions' (album)

My first release. A total of 23 tracks with differents styles of chiptune, electronic music and one instrumental rock-metal track.
Lossless quality (flac) here.

'Self-destructive lunacy'
Death Metal - Vocaloid

Metal and Vocaloid. Hatsune Miku is performing clean vocals, screams and growls.
Info of the release here.

'Mental Experiment'
J-core - Chiptune - Metal

A mixture between japanese electronic hardcore, heavy guitars and chiptune.
Info of the release here.

Breakcore - Death Metal

Distorted guitars and amen-breaks. Inspired in girls with a weird personality. Voice samples taken from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
Info of the release here.

More original sounds and experiments on SoundCloud.

Video Game Music

'Alien's Lair'

'Contra' for NES. The final stage in the alien's lair.
First electric guitar recording in 2011.

'Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger'
Metal - Chiptune

Video game for 'Famicom'. The main song for all the levels.
Here a video of my guitar playing. Recorded in one shot.

'At Doom's Gate'

'Doom' for PC. The classic E1M1 theme.
Here is a video of the remake.

'Lower Maridia'

'Super Metroid' for 'Super Nintendo'. Song of the rocky underwater area.
Here is a video.

'Ryougi Shiki's Theme'
Symphonic Metal

For the 'Melty Blood Actress Again' soundtrack for PC and PS2. Also is a featured song in the anime movies of 'Kara no Kyoukai'.

'Tetris Remix'
'Game Boy' Chiptune

'Tetris' for 'Game boy'. Is a medley between the 'Song A' (the classic theme) and 'Song C'. Sounds like the original but with a more fresh sound.

For others VGM, check Blog or YouTube. More will be released on an album.

Anime Related

'A Cruel Angel's Thesis'
'Game Boy' Chiptune

A classic of the 90's anime: 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'. Recorded from a 'Game boy DMG'.

'Ievan Polkka'
Metal - Chiptune

A funny song produced by 'Otomania' and sung by 'Hatsune Miku'. The original was a pop song, but this sounds like a happy-metal song.

'Making of a Cyborg'

The theme song of the iconic cyberpunk movie 'Ghost in the Shell'. A masterpiece of the oriental animation.

'Light my Fire'
Metal - Breakbeat

Final Opening of 'Shakugan no Shana' animation. Originally performed by KOTOKO.

'Memory of Snow'
Symphonic Metal

Second Opening of 'To Aru Kagaku no Railgun' animation. Originally performed by fripSide.

'Ash Like Snow'
Breakcore - Metal

Second Opening of 'Gundam 00' animation. Originally performed by 'The Brilliant Green'.

'Nageki no mori'
Breakcore - Metal

Opening song from 'Higurashi no Naku Koro ni' PS2 Video Game. Originally performed by Ayane.

'Unmei no yoru'
Breakbeat - Metal

Remix of 'Fate/stay night' Soundtrack. Composed by Kenji Kawai.

Others & More

'Zashiki Warashi'
'Sega Master System' Chiptune

A very soft song for the 'sega master system' chip using 3 channels only. This song is featured in the songs package of 'Deflemask'.

'Ore wa akuma no tensei da?'
Metal - Chiptune

A variation between various metal genres including chiptune sounds.

'Spatiotemporal Metronome'
DnB - Chiptune - Glitch

A kind of drum'n'bass with soft atmospheric sounds. Original melody by lxtxcx.


Speedy breakcore track. IDM, glitch, metal, symphonic, dubstep and an overdose of 'amen-breaks'.

Source files - Various

A demonstrative package for Famitracker. Some of my techniques for make chiptunes using various expansions for anyone who wants learn. Here is a demo video.

KLA Summer Edition
DJ SET - Various

Almost 50 mins of happy and heavy electronic music, metal and chiptune. Contains original songs, music related to anime and 'akiba kei' culture, some unreleased songs and old stuff.