10.11.2013 // With DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING aka Yuyoyuppe!

The last night, with the vocaloid.cl staff we had a dj party with one of the most importants vocaloids producers from japan. Is nice dude! we have shared personal experiences and laughters. Some photos

04.09.2013 // Support from 'Chiptunes = Win'

The great family of 'Chiptunes = Win' has published a review of my track. Also, they recommend my stuff. Thanks you!

30.08.2013 // Online?

Currently i'm working on this web. I've moved out to another hosting. If you see that something is not working, please send me a screenshot.

09.07.2013 // Hatsune Miku isn't just a pop idol

Internet is full of Vocaloid pop songs! (btw i like this). Recently i submitted a Vocaloid Death Metal track. I've developed my own technic for make screams and growls, using Hatsune Miku and his sweet voice (but... not sweet at all). Listen it here or Download it.

28.06.2013 // Guitar, camera, action!

I'm not good for make videos and generally prefer dedicate my time to produce music. I've recorded this for demostrative purposes (in one shot). Really i want keep doing more of this, but i need more experience in editing videos (and a videocamera too). I'll keep working. Check the video!

Guitar ♥

01.06.2013 // Game Boy CPU Crashes!

I'm trying of exploit the maximum sound capacities from my 'Game Boy DMG'. But, seems don't resist more than 220 BPM. It crashes like Windows, LOL. Game Boy Color CPU is faster and crashes less.


23.11.2012 // 'Spatiotemporal Metronome'

The musician and visual artist LxTxCx, has done a video with my remake from one of his songs. Sounds like 'Ambient Chip'n'Bass'. Click the image.


17.10.2012 // 'Dysnomia'

My bro 'Reizoko Cj' has released his new album featuring one of my tracks. IDM, glitch, metal, dubstep and an overdose of 'amen-breaks'. Download this.

12.09.2012 // My work in newspapers and even TV

The past 7 of september the newspaper LUN has published an article about one of my works. Time ago i had made the national anthem of my country for NES and 133mhz has colaborated with an amazing video. After this, i've received a lot of feedback from Chilean websites and TV channels. Here is the blog entry (spanish).


24.06.2012 // 'KLA' Radio show

Today was transmited a radio show. Almost 50 mins of happy and heavy electronic music, metal and chiptune. Contains original songs, music related to anime and 'akiba kei' culture, some unreleased songs and old stuff.Download here.

01.03.2012 // Languages...

My english isn't perfect, because i speak spanish (si puedes leer esto, tu me entiendes). I've noticed this when i was responding messages. Don't be impressed if you find a mistake. If the video games are a great school for learn english, i will keep playing more (excuse for moms... lol).

20.01.2012 // 'ALTERNATE.DIMENSIONS' Album

Now available for download!

MP3 Album for Free.
Loseless Audio (FLAC)