06.01.2016 // COSMONAUTS got a PV!

Finally, one of the most requested songs got an AWESOME video.

Based in the original video concept and illustrations that Noriko Hayashi did time ago, .nova (a very talented friend) did an incredible work with the video. My friend Dirty Egg helped me to improve the lyrics that Geo' did. I really love the result.

Niconico 【VOCALOID Original Song】 COSMONAUTS (feat. VY1V4 & MAIKA) 【PV】

23.12.2015 // "ALL IS MUSIC!" @ HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 E.P.

ALL IS MUSIC! will be included in the official MIKUEXPO 2016 E.P. with songs of famous producers like HachioujiP and CosMo@BousouP!

26.11.2015 // Honourable Mention @ HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 Song Contest

My recent song ALL IS MUSIC! got an honourable mention by CRYPTON Future Media. I'm so happy!

Check the contest's results HERE

17.09.2015 // Appearing in the first MIKUEXPO 2016 Contest Roundup!

Mundo en Pixeles, my song featuring Hatsune Miku singing in spanish was the first song to appear in the highlights that Crypton Future Media did. Awesome!

Check the contest details HERE

20.07.2015 // The New ERA

After a long time, I've published a new original song featuring the voices GUMI and CYBER DIVA.

Thanks to José Zeta-O for their cool illustrations and Bakyaan for the awesome motion and video composition.


17.03.2015 // ME!ME!ME! (Full Version Remake)

Maybe you know that crazy song that TeddyLoid did for that insane video (Warning! NSFW). So I tried to recreate all the song from scratch.

I've used Hatsune Miku, VY1V4 (Mizki) and GUMI for the vocals.

I'll publish the instrumental very soon! Stay tuned Get the instrumental NOW!

YouTube (HD version)


15.12.2014 // COSMONAUTS (VOCALOID4 Original Demo Song)

I've made a song for a demo of the new technology VOCALOID4 using the new voicebank VY1v4 and MAIKA. It's an electro song mainly in japanese, but also english and spanish.

Thanks to Geo' for his cool lyrics and YAMAHA for providing the new software

YouTube (HD version)


14.09.2014 // The little witch (VOCALOID version) PV @ NND + YT

I did a VOCALOID version of The Little Witch using GUMI and MAIKA as singers. Thanks to Revanche7th, Rene Elric and Gehirnkaefer for their great illustrations. Also thanks to Hikusa for her wonderful work doing the PV animation.

NicoNico Douga | YouTube (HD version)


12.08.2014 // The little witch @ MDML2

My song titled "The little witch" was featured as the 7th track in the japanese compilation named "MDML2: MOtOLOiD Dance Music Library 2" including music of DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING, baker, HIGE DRIVER and many other nice producers. On sale at COMIC MARKET 86.

Official site 

23.06.2014 // Big Update

A lots of things happened since the last update of this website, lol. Now I added some relevant news and I'll be updating some other stuff.

10.06.2014 // Finally, the Vocaloids are here!

I won the prize "Voctro's Favorite song" in the MAIKA contest. Now I'll use it for my compositions. Thank you for your support!

Also, "Tiempos" is featured on the Vocallective Records compilation named "MA¡KA" Download it here

19.05.2014 // My Entry to the Vocaloid MAIKA song contest

A mixture of lyrical singing, rap, and growls into a progressive rock/dubstep/metal/chiptune/jazz composition that I made for the song contest organizated by Voctro Labs, the developers of the spanish Vocaloid "MAIKA". Thanks to Akuo for the nice illustration in the video. Listen it here.

17.05.2014 // The VGS Arena Experience

Do you know MAGFest? Well, VGSArena is the first event dedicated to videogames music in Chile. Many of my friends and me participated in this first edition. It was nice! Official page.

11.05.2014 // Appearing in the newspaper!

Today I appeared with my friends from VGS Arena in the newspaper in a review of this incomming event.

01.04.2014 // With baker & DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING @ VOCALONIGHT 2

One more time, I participated in the event "VOCALONIGHT" in his second version with baker (Keisuke Hattori) and DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING (a.k.a Yuyoyuppe), two of the best VOCAproducers in Japan.

01.04.2014 // Nyanning in 8-bits

I released my new track "I nyaned for hours ( ' w'​)​‼" featuring chip sounds, guitars and VOCALOID in the compilation 'Chiptunes = #SrsBsns' (Track #3). Listen it here. Download here

31.01.2014 // With ZANIO @ VOCALOPARTY

The VOCALOID fever is here! I participated in VOCALOPARTY with the people of Mirai no Neiro including ZANIO and the coreographer Yumiko. We talked a lot!  Some photos.

29.01.2014 // Mundo en Pixeles

This is my new Happy Hardcore / J-core song featuring the virtual idol Hatsune Miku singing in spanish. Listen it here.

10.11.2013 // With DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING aka Yuyoyuppe!

The last night, with the staff we had a DJ party with one of the most importants vocaloids producers from Japan. He's a nice dude! We have shared personal experiences and laughters. Some photos

04.09.2013 // Support from 'Chiptunes = Win'

The great family of 'Chiptunes = Win' has published a review of my track. Also, they recommend my stuff. Thanks you!

30.08.2013 // Online?

Currently I'm working on this web. I've moved out to another hosting. If you see that something is not working, please send me a screenshot.

09.07.2013 // Hatsune Miku isn't just a pop idol

Internet is full of Vocaloid pop songs! (btw i like this). Recently i submitted a Vocaloid Death Metal track. I've developed my own technic for make screams and growls, using Hatsune Miku and his sweet voice (but... not sweet at all). Listen it here or Download it.

28.06.2013 // Guitar, camera, action!

I'm not good for make videos and generally prefer dedicate my time to produce music. I've recorded this for demostrative purposes (in one shot). Really I want keep doing more of this, but I need more experience in editing videos (and a videocamera too). I'll keep working. Check the video!

Guitar ♥

01.06.2013 // Game Boy CPU Crashes!

I'm trying of exploit the maximum sound capacities from my 'Game Boy DMG'. But, seems don't resist more than 220 BPM. It crashes like Windows, LOL. Game Boy Color CPU is faster and crashes less.


23.11.2012 // 'Spatiotemporal Metronome'

The musician and visual artist LxTxCx, has done a video with my remake from one of his songs. Sounds like 'Ambient Chip'n'Bass'. Click the image.


17.10.2012 // 'Dysnomia'

My bro 'Reizoko Cj' has released his new album featuring one of my tracks. IDM, glitch, metal, dubstep and an overdose of 'amen-breaks'. Download this.

12.09.2012 // My work in newspapers and even TV

The past 7 of september the newspaper LUN has published an article about one of my works. Time ago i had made the national anthem of my country for NES and 133mhz has colaborated with an amazing video. After this, I've received a lot of feedback from Chilean websites and TV channels. Here is the blog entry (spanish).


01.03.2012 // Languages...

My english isn't perfect, because I speak spanish (si puedes leer esto, tu me entiendes). I've noticed this when I was responding messages. Don't be impressed if you find a mistake.